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Vehicle Inspections for Faulty Workmanship Claims


Very similar to the post repair inspection service, but with a different emphasis, JP can review the work of a repairer to specifically check whether parts they supplied were not of an acceptable quality or work they undertook was negligent, not fit for the purpose, or not rendered with due care and skill. JP can provide an independent point of view, and can give impartial advice on possible resolutions or options. If a matter remains unresolved, JP can investigate more formally, and assist you in any negligence claims or other court / tribunal action pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law. Such claims could include for remedy of a vehicle repair problem, reimbursement for damage due to vehicle caused fires or failing brakes, consequential loss due to vehicle breakdown, or personal injury resulting from a vehicle failure.

If necessary, as an additional service, JP can also act as an expert witness in court proceedings.

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