Roadworthy Inspections for Cars, Motorcycles, Taxis, and Trucks


JP is licensed by VicRoads to conduct roadworthy inspections on almost all types of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, taxis, light & heavy buses, and all sizes of trucks.

Over recent times JP has developed particular expertise in conducting truck roadworthy’s, and is now regularly called on to check all types of trucks including prime movers; light, medium & heavy rigid; and campervans, receiving regular work from a number of trucking fleets across Melbourne.

JP also has special accreditation from the Australian Customs Service to enter Melbourne’s wharf areas to carry out vehicle inspections of imported vehicles before they receive clearance.

The RWC process includes both an initial inspection, and if necessary, a follow up inspection within 7 days, & then the issue of a Roadworthy Certificate if the vehicle passes. Typically RWCs take less than 2 hours to complete but generally vehicles will need to be left on site longer so JP can properly check for potential leaks. Once issued, certificates are valid for 30 days for use in the registration or sale of a vehicle.

The RWC process involves an inspection of the vehicle to ensure it is safe at the time of inspection. It checks for visible safety related defects and dangerous wear & tear, and is the minimum safety certification for VicRoads at the time of vehicle ownership transfers. However the 30 days validity is not a warranty against defects, and the certificate only reports on the items that VicRoads requires. It is not a check of mechanical reliability or the general condition of the vehicle. It does not certify the vehicle as problem free and does not identify items which manifest after the vehicle inspection has been conducted. For example, the engine is not included in RWCs except in relation to reporting on significant oil leaks, and receiving a RWC does not necessarily mean the vehicle is of a good quality or will not breakdown.

Where an item is identified as not meeting VicRoads RWC standards this will be reported and options usually advised at the time. Photographs will usually be taken at the time of inspection for JPs records. Repairs may be required before a certificate can be issued.

As an additional service, on request, JP can carry out repairs or undertake a more comprehensive inspection to check for overall mechanical condition. However these will generally be at a further charge as they are more labour intensive.



# Additional information on RWC requirements can be obtained from the VicRoads Website.     



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