Huntingdale Branch - smallServicing & Mechanical Repairs

With state of the art diagnostic tools & fully equipped workshops at Huntingdale, Croydon & Werribee, JP has the facilities to meet all manufacturer servicing and warranty requirements, including log book servicing. Our mechanics service all vehicle makes and models: cars, motorbikes, & trucks, whether the average family car or a prestige model or a semi trailer. We do the lot, and we have the expertise to do it well ! We treat our obligations seriously. We commit to doing what we say we will do, and we do so at an affordable price. Importantly, we absolutely guarantee all our mechanical work will be safe & reliable.


A particular advantage for our customers is that at JP we do just about everything in house, including both mechanical & body repair work. This can amount to significant customer savings in both time and $$$ costs. JP also offers low cost package deals when you also use our towing service or book one of our hire cars.


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Our mechanics each have over 30 years experience and are particularly well qualified when compared to most of our competitors. They are of the old school, and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They earn their pay the traditional way, with an honest days’ work for an honest days’ pay. As true car enthusiasts, they have a genuine interest in vehicle performance and the vehicle industry as a whole, regularly reading car magazines, wanting all the latest tools and equipment, and having a large network of connections throughout the industry. To them its not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, and they take pride in the quality of their work. It means our mechanics are the real thing and this translates as commitment to our customers.

Significantly, we also don’t just give your car to an apprentice and forget about it as some repairers do. Each car gets individual attention from either John Pennant, the Company Director, or Joe Giuseppi our Head Mechanic & Manager at Huntingdale. We do not set hard time limits for work or rush jobs, and we don’t just do the minimum to get by and no more, as many dealership or insurance repairers do. We give the job the time and care it needs, and we look out for our customers. We happily do all those little extras that make all the difference, and which are so often lacking these days. We are the small family business with small family values. We’ve just grown a bit bigger over the years.

At JP, the service doesn’t end with the repair work, we make time for our customers. Our mechanics are friendly and approachable and more than willing to explain why we do something the way we do. In this, our long & successful history speaks for us. We do not just say ‘you’ll be right mate’ and fob you off, or sweep over your concerns. We listen. We care. We ACT !

For all the ladies out there, we also offer the option for you to speak with Twinkle Pennant, co-owner & JP’s Business Manager, if you would rather speak with another woman about your vehicle needs.


JP recognises that repeat business and customer loyalty is a two way street and does its best to always protect customer interests, and provide honest quality work at an affordable price !


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