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Panel Beating & Spray Painting


Our Credentials

JP has been in the panel beating business for over 30 years and has stood the test of time. With our 3 large workshops at Croydon, Huntingdale and Werribee and being accredited body repairers with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and members of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) we are not just a small one man show or a backyarder.


What We Offer

We carry out the full range of panel beating & body repairs, ranging from fixing small dents & scratches, to doing full restorations, and are experienced at undertaking repairs to all types of vehicles including prestige cars, 4WD vehicles, and older classic cars. In addition, we are equipped to spray paint & repair taxis, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and even small boats.

We are an independent repairer not aligned with any insurer and this means we will act in your best interest rather than the insurer’s interest. This can save you a lot of money and really can make the difference between shoddy work with the cheapest possible generic parts, or a quality job that properly restores your car. It also means we treat each job as important & give it individual attention. We don’t just treat your car as another in a long line at an insurance ‘sausage factory’. We take pride in our work, provide honest and fair quotes, and place a high value on customer satisfaction.


Our Facilities

Our workshops are all modern & well equipped, with multiple hoists. Our Croydon & Huntingdale locations each also have their own hi tech PPG paint booths, and we are hoping to add another at our Werribee location shortly. Having 3 locations and our own tow trucks means our services are easily accessible no matter where you live in Melbourne, and allows us to collect your car directly from your home even if its not driveable.


Our Team

JP’s panel beating team are qualified & experienced, and staff continually receive industry updates and refresher training, ensuring we always work to industry best practice. Our staff are trained to directly manufacturer panels when needed, and are experienced in working both with contemporary plastic panels and in old school bending metal. Bending metal is a skill which many panel shops no longer offer, but is extremely useful when working with older or classic cars.

Unlike with some of our competitors who may overbook & sit on work for months, we also employ enough qualified and experienced panel beaters and spray painters to ensure that our jobs are completed quickly without backlogging or stinting on quality. This allows us to minimise the time your vehicle is off the road !


The Materials We Use

We will always discuss parts options with you, keeping you in the loop, and giving you a choice in how you wish to proceed. We will also strongly negotiate on your behalf with insurers to get the best deal possible in terms of parts quality rather than just cave in to insurer demands. In our paint shop we use only PPG brand two pack paint, a highly reputable paint, to make sure the refinishing quality is of a high standard. PPG is the paint used on many prestige cars such as Ferraris & Lamborghinis




Gold Tick of Approval   JP will fix your car fast and minimise the time it is off the road (subject to parts & independent assessor availability)
Gold Tick of Approval   All JP’s work complies with Australian Design Rules and all vehicle manufacturer standards 
Gold Tick of Approval   JP provides you with complimentary cleaning & detailing on all panel beating or spray painting jobs
 Gold Tick of Approval  JP ensures that your car is locked away off street at night, minimising the risk of theft or street damage.
Gold Tick of Approval   JP offers very low car hire rates, offering you immediately available replacement vehicles while your car is being fixed. 
Gold Tick of Approval   JP offers you special towing rates when packaged with panel beating or spray painting
Gold Tick of Approval   JP is open for extended trading hours, making it easy for you to drop off your car in the morning and pick it up after work
Gold Tick of Approval   With advance notice JP can arrange to pick up your car or drop you home
Gold Tick of Approval  JP does not use frustrating telephone switching systems or voicemail ! All calls are promptly answered by a real person


JP also offers its clients (YOU) the benefit of its insider knowledge of insurance claim traps and assistance with claims processing. We will also actively negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get all that your insurance policy entitles you.

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