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Motor Vehicle Valuation


Professional valuations can be a critical success factor in such things as obtaining reasonable family court settlements or fair outcomes in inheritance disputes. They can also go a long way to ensuring you receive fair value in insurance claims where a car is written off. However they have to be done by someone who is an acknowledged expert and reports drafted in just the right way, to be effective.

John Pennant (JP), Director of JP Auto Group Pty Ltd, can do this the right way and has proven impartiality & reliabity, important considerations when seeking to influence a decision in court or meet deadlines. Under the banner ‘Accurate Assessing & Associates’, JP has been providing vehicle valuation services for decades and knows what is needed from having conducted literally thousands of previous such vehicle valuations. Objective, honest & down to earth realistic, but always professional, and experienced at giving evidence in court, JP can address your valuation needs effectively.

JP’s vehicle valuation package includes travel to and from the vehicle, physical examination of the vehicle, research on the value of the vehicle using both the industry standard, the ‘Glasses Guide’, & appropriate other market research, and provides a comprehensive report on the vehicle’s overall condition and value. JP understands the needs of the courts in such matters and when reporting its findings, tailors its language to credibly address the rules of evidence and the legal high points, with a format that is clear and concise.

JP provides this Motor Vehicle Valuation service for both metro and rural Victoria, with costs varying on location. To discuss your needs, call JP now on 0412 329 728 !