JP VIP Privilege Membership



  1. Membership in the JP VIP Privilege Program is a bonus service offered to customers of JP Auto Group Pty Ltd (‘JP’) at no charge. The benefits available under the program are being offered in the nature of goodwill as a ‘no strings attached’ reward to JP customers, and are separate to any agreement for the purchase of particular goods or services. In this regard members agree that the benefits of membership may be varied by JP from time to time, and JP offers no guarantee that the program will continue indefinitely. In particular, JP reserves the right to terminate the program and / or individual membership in the program.
  2. Membership is normally open to both businesses and private individuals; except in the case of insurers or their agents, customers who pay via Bartercard, and staff of JP Auto Group Pty Ltd, who are not eligible for membership. However to be offered membership in the program, customers must have spent $300 or more on a single service offered by JP, and complete a membership application.
  3. Contact details provided to JP will be kept confidential and will not be provided to other businesses. Members of the program may also cancel their membership at any time for any reason.
  4. To access a benefit under the program, members must inform JP that they are a VIP Privilege member and request it, at the time of booking a JP service. Members may simultaneously exercise all offers available under the JP VIP Privileges program including any discounts obtained via redemption of loyalty points, but otherwise benefits obtained under the program cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer eg. a VIP Privilege member discount cannot be added to a further discount which has been advertised separately outside the VIP Privilege program.
  5. Where members have met the criteria for a cashback or referral fee, payment will be made by JP Auto Group to them at latest 14 days after the completion of the job to which the payment relates. Job completion will be signified by full payment for the relevant job being made to JP Auto Group ie. members will be paid after JP receives payment for the relevant job.
  6. Loyalty Reward Points will accrue on the completion of each JP service. They can then be used to obtain special bonus items that will be offered by JP from time to time. Loyalty points are allocated at the rate of 1 point for each dollar spent with JP. Members will be advised of any bonus items and the loyalty points required to obtain them as these become available. Loyalty points will continue to accrue for the duration of the JP VIP Privilege program. If the JP VIP Privilege program is terminated, members will be given a further 6 months from the date of termination in which to use any accrued loyalty points. Loyalty points or membership privileges are not transferable and cannot be sold or used by others.

Benefits offered to members in 2014 include:

  • Fast PRIORITY repair and servicing of member vehicles
  • Exclusive discounts including 10% off on future car servicing
  • FREE pick up or drop back of members or their car to the nearest railway station or their home (within 15km of our offices, or 30km in the case of smash repairs)
  • FREE courtesy vehicle while a member’s car has a mechanical service or has mechanical repairs
  • FREE 12 months VACC breakdown/roadside assistance
  • FREE car wash & vacuum on every smash repair or major car service
  • $200 CASHBACK on a member’s insurance excess in a comprehensive insurance claim made by them where smash repairs total over $2000 (eg. If a member has their car repaired with JP Auto Group at a cost of $2000 or more and their comprehensive insurance excess is normally $500, we will reimburse $200 of the $500 excess once the claim is settled, meaning in the end the member pays only $300)
  • $100 cash for each smash repair referral to JP Auto Group where the person referred spends $1500 or more
  • Loyalty reward points – which can be redeemed for bonus items which will be offered to members from time to time