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JP Accident Investigation Services


As both a qualified investigator and as a qualified motor vehicle engineer, John Pennant (JP), Director of JP Auto Group Pty Ltd, operating under the banner of ‘Accurate Assessing & Associates’ has a decades long history of vehicle accident investigation.

Through his in depth knowledge of motor vehicle damage built up from running his own smash repair shops, his work as an independent expert for the Coroners Court in fatality accidents, and his work as an accident researcher for Monash University’s ‘Monash Accident Research Centre’, JP has built a particular niche in the vehicle accident investigation area.

Supplying reports to:

  • solicitor companies
  • insurance companies
  • universities, and
  • individuals

He and his team provide both an accident reconstruction service and an accident related fraud investigation service.


Accident Reconstruction

Motor accident investigators decipher the physical evidence at an accident scene & gather information. They then normally work backwards to determine the most likely cause of a collision, and establish fault. This can involve calculating angles and speeds, interviewing witnesses, researching other instances of similar situations or known mechanical problems, and locating & collating other relevant information from a variety of sources. This is then professionally written up in a manner that is targeted to the legal considerations of the accident, and in a way that is suitable for effective presentation to a Magistrate or Judge.

JP does all this and more. With over 30 years auto engineering experience from the actual repairing of cars, he can very accurately himself evaluate damage to help determine the truth of a matter, rather than just rely on second hand information. The actual type and extent of damage to a vehicle is very effective when proving accident fault, and JP is an ‘Expert Witnesses’ for the purposes of reporting in this field. Unlike with many second hand reports from others that you might present in court, any testimony given by JP on damage assessments is not considered ‘hearsay’ and is therefore admissible and influential as evidence.

In practice, what this means, is that if JP’s findings support that you are not at fault, you will have substantially more credibility in any subsequent court action, or alternatively substantially more influence to negotiate an appropriate settlement out of court ! When compared to the average investigator, it gives added weight to any rebuttal of what the opposition may claim, if the sequence of events is contested.

JP has a 99% accuracy rate in accident reconstruction.


Fraud Investigations

From time to time, vehicles may not have collided at all, despite an accident having been reported. JP investigators can check to see whether an incident has been staged or is genuine. We will examine the accident scene and the vehicles allegedly involved, and check for consistency and signs of fraud. Identifying fraud can protect your interests, both monetary and mental, and may protect your reputation.

JP’s team is trained in both criminal investigation as well as in the more normal civil investigation techniques associated with motor vehicle accident investigation and valuations. On request we can conduct an investigation that meets the particular needs of criminal prosecution, and is suitable for handover to the police.