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Our Vision

We are a progressive leader in automotive repairs and promote a fair, honest, and open industry that meets customer needs. We care about what we do and take pride in our achievements.


Our Goals

We seek to provide superior quality workmanship and services which are hassle free, delivered on time, and inspire confidence. We seek to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction at an affordable price, and provide a service that vehicle owners will cherish.


Our Commitment


Tick_yellow JP will treat you with respect, act professionally, & be objective
Tick_yellow JP will provide you with an accurate & fair quotation
Tick_yellow JP will carry out your repairs quickly and minimise the time your car is off the road
Tick_yellowJP will keep you informed and execute repairs correctly per your wishes
Tick_yellow JP will provide you with quality parts and materials, from reputable suppliers
Tick_yellow JP will provide you with an environment friendly service wherever possible


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